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  • Client: create
  • Date: July 2014
  • Roles: Branding, UX, Design

Create are a startup that provide a way for anyone to build an online store or website.

I worked with the founders and directors to create a new brand identity and responsive marketing website that was really tailored to their customer base.

User research was easier than usual, due to the nature of their business and the wealth of information that customers had supplied in order to create their online stores. Because of this we were able to build up a really clear picture of their user base. Combing this with customer surveys and studying their many competitors, I helped them create a really defined brief for the new brand identity and website.

I then went on to create a new visual identity, not just a logo a couple of typefaces, a colour scheme and some illustrations, but a flexible framework which can be used to adapt to different contexts, channels and uses.

The marketing site came shortly after. Putting the new brand elements into practice, the creative direction was to put their customers at the heart of the new design, showcasing their work and telling their stories. The content was informed by the results of the surveys, placing primary focus on the features that users felt were the most important.