Getting humans & computers to play nice together since 2004.


I love design, I love discovering the minutiae of human behaviour and how we interact with our world. I love organising things into meaningful patterns and I love attending to the tiny typographic details of visual design.


I'm an experienced web and user interface designer living in Brighton, UK. I'm extremely passionate about digital design, colour, typography, user experience and the emotion effects of visual design.

I'm a specialist in visual and UI design but beneath that I have a broader skill set with a strong understanding of interaction design, UX and front-end technologies.

I've worked with major international brands, startups, small companies, open source projects and design agencies. I don't favour a particular software or technology, I'm happy sketching, discussing, creating visuals or building prototypes, whatever suits the project. I always care about the finished product and I don't mind getting my hands dirty with code when necessary.

I'm obsessed with the problem solving nature of design and how visual thinking can make sense of complex systems. I want the things I design to have a positive impact on the world.



I live in the lovely coastal city of Brighton with my amazing wife and son. My other interests include playing guitar, photography, reading and tabletop wargames.